API metal to metal seal ball valve

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JLPV metal to metal seat ball valves are manufactured to the latest edition of API 6D, API608, BS5351 and ASME BE 16.34 and tested to API 598. All valves from GZP VALVE are strictly 100%tested before shipment to guarantee zero leakage.

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Metal Seat Ball Valves adopts full metal to metal design, the sealing surface is specially hardened,

suitable for high temperature and high pressure, solid media, long life, high wear resistance requirements, widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, textile, power, ship , Metallurgy, energy system and other industries.

Design standard

The main construction features of JLPV metal seat ball valve are following:
1. Body: 1PC, 2PC, 3PC and welded
2. Port: Full bore and Reduced bore
3. Ball Type: Floating ball and fixed ball
4. Sealing type: front-seat sealing, Back-seat sealing, bi-directional sealing
5. Sealing surface: Ball and seat can be sprayed with different materials according to requirements, such as carbide or tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, etc.
6. Spring-loaded seat design, optimize the torque
7. Fire safe and anti-static design

A conductive spring is designed between the ball and stem, stem and body, so the static energy can be introduced to the ground through the electrostatic channel to achieve the purpose of removing static electricity. Avoid static ignition of flammable media ensures system safety.
8. Blowout-proof stem, automatic pressure relief design, emergency grease injection design, drain valve, locking device, anti-corrosion design, anti-sulfur design etc
The stem adopts the bottom-mounting design so that the stem will not be blown out by the high-pressure medium even the valve body's abnormal pressure rise and invalid packing gland;
The packing designs a reasonably V-shaped structure, which can effectively convert the medium pressure of inside body cavity and the locking force of the external gland into the sealing force of the valve stem.
When the stagnant medium increases pressure abnormally due to temperature changes, the medium pressure will push the valve seat away from the ball to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief and after pressure relief, the valve seat can automatically reset
Drain valve designs to check whether the seat is leaking and discharge the retentate from the body cavity to reduce the pollution from medium.


1.The range of JLPV metal seat ball valve design is as follows:
2.Size: 2” to 48”   DN50 to DN1200
3.Pressure: Class 150lb to 2500lb, PN16 to PN420
4.Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel and other special materials. NACE MR 0175 anti-sulfur and anti-corrosion metal materials
5.Connection ends: ASME B 16.5 in raised face(RF), Flat face(FF) and Ring Type Joint (RTJ)
6.ASME B 16.25 in butt welding ends.
7.Face to face dimensions: conform to ASME B 16.10.
8.Temperature: -29℃ to 425 ℃

JLPV valves can be equipped with gear operator, pneumatic actuators, Hydraulic actuators, Electric actuators, bypasses,locking devices,chainwheels,extended stems and many others are available to meet the customers’ requirements.

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