Forged steel pressure seal check valve

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JLPV’s pressure seal check valves are made of forged steel and adhere to the most recent editions of API602, BS5352, and ASME B16.34. as well as API 598 testing.Before shipping, every Forged steel valve from JLPV VALVE is rigorously 100%tested to ensure there are no leaks.

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For use in high pressure steam, liquid, catalytic reformers, hydrocrackers, and other demanding applications, JLPV forged steel pressure seal check valves are suitable. Boiler, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, energy system, and critical power-industry applications are just a few of the industries that frequently use JLPV forged steel check valves. Pressure Seal Check Valve still offer a wide range of industries a secure, leak-free pressure confining barrier in the demanding world of High Pressure, High Temperature valve applications. These unidirectional valves prevent flow from the opposite direction. These work well in settings with moderate velocity. Although check valves can be fitted in vertical pipelines, they are typically made for horizontal flow conditions, The flow must go under the disc and be upward-directed. The fundamental idea behind pressure seal valves is that when the cover's initial pull-up bolts are tightened, the cover itself seals the pressure seal gasket to the body. The system pressure assist is then used to apply more pressure to seal the gasket. Therefore, the possibility of leaking through the body/bonnet joint diminishes as system pressure rises.


The range of JLPV Forged steel valves design is as follows:
1.Size: 1/2” to 2”   DN15 to DN1200
2.Pressure: Class 800lb to 2500lb  PN100-PN420
3.Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel and other special materials.
NACE MR 0175 anti-sulfur and anti-corrosion metal materials
4.Connection ends:
Socket weld end to ASME B16.11
Screwed end (NPT,BS[) to ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1
Butt weld end (BW) to ASME B 16.25
Flanged end (RF, FF, RTJ) to ASME B 16.5
5.Temperature: -29℃ to 485 ℃

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