Forged steel socket welded gate valve

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he most recent edition of API602, BS5352, and ASME B16.34 are followed in the production of JLPV forged steel gate valves. as well as API 598 testing.Before shipping, every Forged steel valve from JLPV VALVE is rigorously 100%tested to ensure there are no leaks.

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For high pressure and high temperature applications, JLPV forged steel gate valves are small, reliable, and perfect. Outside screw and yoke type (OS & Y) valves with a rising stem and a non-rising handwheel are what these valves are. These valves must have a fastened or welded bonnet and a full or standard bore. suited for installation in refineries, chemical facilities, petrochemical plants, oil industry processes, or other locations where flow diversion is necessary due to corrosion or erosion.

There are two different bonnet styles for JLPV forged steel gate valves. The Bolted Bonnet, a male-female joint with a spiral coiled gasket constructed of F316L and graphite, is the first design. On request, ring joint gaskets are additionally available. The welded bonnet is the second design, and it has a threaded and sealed junction. A fully welded junction with full penetrating strength is available upon request.


The range of JLPV Forged steel valves design is as follows:
1.Size: 1/2” to 2”   DN15 to DN1200
2.Pressure: Class 800lb to 2500lb  PN100-PN420
3.Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel and other special materials.
NACE MR 0175 anti-sulfur and anti-corrosion metal materials
4.Connection ends:
Socket weld end to ASME B16.11
Screwed end (NPT,BS[) to ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1
Butt weld end (BW) to ASME B 16.25
Flanged end (RF, FF, RTJ) to ASME B 16.5
5.Temperature: -29℃ to 485 ℃
JLPV valves can be equipped with gear operator, pneumatic actuators, Hydraulic actuators, Electric actuators, bypasses, locking devices, chainwheels, extended stems and many others are available to meet the customers’ requirements.

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