Cast steel swing type check valve

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JLPV Swing check valves are manufactured to the latest edition of API 600/ASME B 16.34 and tested to API 598.All valves from JLPV VALVE are strictly 100%tested before shipment to guarantee zero leakage.

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Swing check valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction and prevent the flow in the opposite direction. They are widely applied in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, power, marine, metallurgy, energy systems, etc

The disc of swing check valves is round-shaped; it makes rotary movements along the shaft's central line acted by the fluid pressure,the fluid flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the inlet pressure is lower than the outlet pressure, its disc can close automatically due to factors like fluid pressure difference and deadweight to prevent the fluid from flowing back;

Design standard

The main construction features of JLPV Swing check valve are following:
1.Built-in trim structure design
JLPV check valve adopts a built-in structure. The valve disc and hinge arm are both inside its inner chamber, thus having no impact on its flow and reducing its leakage points;
2.Integral forged or rolled body seat or seat welded and overlaid in kinds of material
Welded overlay are strictly according to approved WPS procedures. After welding and all required heat treating, the seat ring faces are machined, thoroughly cleaned and inspected before leaving for assembly.
3.The large size is provided with a lifting ring for lifting, thus easier for installation; Swing check valves can be installed in either horizontal or vertical direction.


The range of JLPV Swing check valve design is as follows:
1.Size: 2” to 48”   DN50 to DN1200
2.Pressure:Class 150lb to 2500lb  PN10-PN420
3.Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel and other special materials.
NACE MR 0175 anti-sulfur and anti-corrosion metal materials
4.Connection ends: ASME B 16.5 in raised face(RF), Flat face(FF) and Ring Type Joint (RTJ)
ASME B 16.25 in butt welding ends.
5.Face to face dimensions: conform to ASME B 16.10.
6.Temperature: -29℃ to 425 ℃

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