Stainless steel orifice flange

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JLPV is specialized in development and manufacturing of stainless steel orifice flange. The company mainly produces the industrial flanges made of austenitic stainless steel, duplex steel and super duplex steel.

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A proper installation is necessary for precise flow control using a precision machined paddle type orifice plate. If the plate is fitted improperly, the measured flow will have unknown inaccuracies, which could result in a significant loss of goods. To solve this problem, AVCO offers full ASME B16.36 orifice flange sets that guarantee proper centralization of the orifice bore to the flange bore in accordance with ASME MFC-3M, ASME MFC-14M, AGA 3, and ISO 5167-2 specifications. The orifice flange sets are typically supplied as raised face weld neck flanges and are available in sizes 12" through 24" and pressure classes up to ANSI class 2500. On request, we may provide different flange facings and types to suit your unique demands. Each orifice flange set includes orifice plates, gaskets, jack screws, studs, and nuts in addition to pre-tapped orifice flanges. To achieve more accuracy and repeatable, exact construction, we also strongly advise the use of location dowel pins. All orifice flange sets come with standard bores that fit pipe schedules from SCH 5S to SCH XXS, but due to requirements from the ASME MFC-3M, AGA 3, and ISO 5167 that the bore immediately upstream of the orifice plate be within +/- 0.3% or +/- 0.25% of the mean measured bore, AVCO advises that the bore be machined to meet these tolerances, which may go beyond those of standard pipe.

Design standard

Size: 1/2” through 24”
Class: 150# through 1500# Face
Types: Raised Face, Ring Type Joint
Materials: 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Monel
Included in Set: Flanges, Orifice Plate, Gaskets, Jack Screws, Studs, Nuts, Pipe Plugs, Location Dowel (if required)

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