The difference and comparison between bellows globe valve and ordinary globe valve


Bellows globe valves, also known as bellows sealed globe valves, are designed to create a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere by automatic hob-welding to ensure zero stem leakage. Compared with the traditional globe valve has the following advantages:

1. Bellows globe valve long service life, reduce the number of maintenance, reduce operating costs. Rugged bellows seal design ensures zero stem leakage and provides maintenance-free conditions.

2. Valve opening and closing torque is small, reduce labor intensity, and can drive any form of driving device, easy to remote control.

3. Beautiful appearance, the valve channel has a smooth flow line, reduce the flow resistance coefficient of the valve, is a kind of high quality energy-saving products.

4. The outer seal of the valve uses bellows seal and graphite, stainless steel gasket seal, reliable seal, long-term use can not replace the sealing packing. In industrial use, ordinary stop valve caused by leakage: high temperature, highly toxic, flammable and explosive, radioactive media and so on, not only pollution of the environment, but also often cause significant personal and property losses. The bellows stop valve is more safe and stable, and the international advanced standards are strictly adopted in the design and manufacture.

Advantages and applications of bellows globe valve

Bellows stop valve no leakage, used in high-risk media is relatively safe.

Ordinary globe valves are sealed with packing, between the stem and packing will slide, easy to leak at low temperature (spool).

Bellows globe valve can be stretched and compressed seal bellows instead of packing seal, can effectively prevent packing loss caused by external leakage. Generally used for transmission of strong permeable medium, such as the valve on the hydrogen system, as long as the bellows are not damaged, there is generally no leakage; And the general globe valve with packing to seal, easy to leak.

This kind of valve stem opening or closing stroke is relatively short, and has a very reliable cutting function, and because of the change of the valve seat through the stroke of the disc is directly proportional to the relationship, very suitable for flow regulation. Therefore, this type of valve is well suited for cutting or regulating and throttling use.

Post time: Apr-26-2023