Cast steel bolted bonnet globe valve

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JLPV Globe Valves are produced and adjusted in accordance with the most recent edition of API 600/ASME B16.34 and are tested in accordance with API 598. JLPV VALVE carefully 100%tests every valve before shipping to ensure there are no leaks.

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Globe valves are typically employed as control valves when throttling or a combination of throttling and shut-off is necessary. They are extensively used in a wide range of pipeline systems, including those for water, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, power, maritime, metallurgy, and energy systems, among others.

The globe valve seal is made up of the seat sealing surface and the disc sealing surface. As the stem rotates, the disc moves vertically along the axis of the valve seat.

The globe valve's job is to seal the medium against leakage by using the pressure of the valve stem to force the disc sealing surface and seat sealing surface into a tight fit.

Design standard

The following are the JLPV globe valve's primary construction characteristics:
1.Standard flat disc design or conical plug type.
The stem and disc freely spin, and the disc has a different angle than the seat ring. This style is thought to be the easiest to fix in the field, offers the highest level of shut-off assurance, and is least prone to become stuck in the body seat.
2.A seat that is either an integral part of the body or a seat that is welded to various types of material.
The WPS-approved procedures are properly followed when welding an overlay. The seat ring faces are machined, meticulously cleaned, and inspected after welding and any necessary heat treating before going to be assembled.
3.Stem with top bonnet seal and packing seal. The disc and stem are attached by a disc nut and plate with a split ring.
The split-ring disc retainer and disc nut are used to secure the disc to the stem.Lower fugitive emissions are the result of the dimensions and finishes being accurate since they guarantee a long life and excellent tightness in the packing region.


The range of JLPV globe valve design is as follows:
1.Size: 2” to 48”   DN50 to DN1200
2.Pressure: Class 150lb to 2500lb  PN16 to PN420
3.Material: Carbon steel and stainless steel and other special materials.  NACE MR 0175 anti-sulfur and anti-corrosion metal materials
4.Connection ends: ASME B 16.5 in raised face(RF), Flat face(FF) and Ring Type Joint (RTJASME B 16.25 in butt welding ends.
5.Face to face dimensions: conform to ASME B 16.10.
6.Temperature: -29℃ to 425 ℃
JLPV valves can be equipped with gear operator, pneumatic actuators, Hydraulic actuators, Electric actuators, bypasses, locking devices, chainwheels, extended stems and many others are available to meet the customers’ requirements.

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